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Berri StudentsWelcome To Berri Primary School

Berri Primary School has a focus upon success-orientation which underpins both classroom and yard programs. Staff provide lunchtime interest and sporting activities for
students who wish to participate. Successful students are selected each week to go to 'Friday Freebie', which operates on Fridays and provides an acknowledgment to students successful in any area of school life.

Literacy and Numeracy forms the basis of teaching programs and targets for student achievement are set. All students are expected to achieve and a number of intervention programs are in place to support students. Support is provided through negotiated education plans and student development plans, which ensure that students are successful in learning. We work in partnership with parents, caregivers and the community to achieve the best possible learning outcomes for all students. For more information, visit our website.

Our school has a broad mix of socio-economic, cultural and first language backgrounds,
with approximately 53 per cent on School Card. It also has a highly-transient population
due to the nature of employment in the district. Approximately 9 per cent of students are from an Aboriginal background.